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The idea behind “Khedma Ketha” application is to help Saudi male and female jobseekers to find jobs during their free time and according to their available time while gaining a decent income. For example, in the event of full time job, the income exceeds the minimum current wages in the market.


The possibility of providing the service in clients house or place for some in-house services, or work from home for some other services. The required work shall be carried out within the expertise of the service provider, so that the work and the method of payment shall be documented and the rights of all shall be observed and subject to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Looking for a service like this

Then download "Khedma Ketha" application " and send a job request for the service you need to start executing it
Select the Service
download "Khedma Ketha" platform from Apple Store or Google,
open the application and select the service you want from the service menu
Select Service Provider
Select your service provider from the map and send him a
service request
Receive your service
upon acceptance of your service request, execution of your order begins and after completion you may pay either by cash or by credit card

Register as provider in "Khedma Ketha" application

Good at Providing a Service? Then Start Earning Money.

1.What is the thing you are skilled at and love to do?

Each person has a skill or craft. Here, in a Khedma Ketha platform, you can benefit from your skill while at the same time gaining additional income during your free time.

2.Register Your Skill or craft From the Mobile

Here from Khedma Ketha platform you can register the services that you want to provide through downloading Kedma Ketha application form Google Play or App store


3.Receive Orders, Get started and Reap the Money

After registering the services that you can provide, you start getting orders from customers. When you accept the order, you start executing. And upon delivery, you receive the money either in cash or transferred to your bank account


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